School Age Programs

Our School Age classes are based on innovative Chinese immersion teaching methods that make language-learning fun. At CLSC, teachers present the language and culture through tailored activities all in Chinese. Children learn how to introduce themselves and others in Chinese, talk about their immediate environment, and express their wishes, needs, and desires. Children are encouraged to interact in Chinese during the class through various activities: stories, creative projects, songs, and educational games.  Classes are designed to build and expand upon what was learned in the previous years.

Our curriculum and course offerings have been developed to engage our students in actively learning the language and culture of China, based on age-appropriate topics that are relevant to their daily life. Our Art & Culture program is integrated into our curriculum to develop and expand students’ Chinese learning experience in a manner that is intellectually engaging and motivating.

Levels 1-6: Our Levels 1 - 6 classes are designed to introduce students to Chinese using age-appropriate, relevant activities to develop their learning. Most students complete this program (at the end of Level 6) at ages 11, 12 or 13. (Some exceptions are possible.) Upon completion, students have the option of continuing their studies in CLSC’s Young Adult program, working with a CLSC private tutor either individually or in a group, or joining a middle school Chinese program if one exists at their school.

Young Adult: Our Young Adult classes are designed to help students who have completed Levels 1- 6 classes move to the next level of language learning.