Level 6 is the last level of our regular program. Students graduate CLSC upon completing Level 6. The primary goal of this level is to enable students to attain basic language skills for communication in the interpretive, interpersonal and presentational modes, as specified in the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning. In addition, Students will be able to discuss and explain introductory aspects of Chinese culture, such as: Chinese festivals, Chinese food, Chinese calendar, and Chinese zodiac animals. By comparing these aspects with their own culture and explaining the beliefs and values of the two cultures, students will be able to understand and explain the similarities and differences between the two cultures. Students should have learned about 70 most commonly used radicals, should understand different parts of a Chinese character and how to de-compose a character when asked. Students should be able understand a total of about 350 Chinese words, and be able to read and write about 250 Chinese characters. Upon graduating Level 6, some students wish to move on to our Advanced program. This program builds upon what has been learned previously; goals are to graduate Advanced 3 by the end of 8th or 9th grade, and so may continue their Chinese language learning in high school and beyond.
4th to 6th grade