Enrichment Programs

Our enrichment courses will only run pending minimum enrollment.
If you are interested, please follow this link to fill out an interest form.

Math Enrichment for Elementary Students

Help your child broaden mathematical horizons and explore concepts not commonly taught in schools. This class is for the math student that genuinely enjoys math and thinking outside the box. It is also a good exposure class for students interested in competition math in middle school. (Please note not all topics are related to competition; some are recreational and meant to make students think in a way they wouldn't normally.)

The class will be 45 minutes long and includes a mini lecture, worksheets, puzzles, and games. (Recommended for students ages 8-11.)

Read the write-up in the Greenwich Time

Math Enrichment Program for Middle and High School Students

In our modern society, mathematical competence and analytical skills are critical to success in grade school, college, and beyond. The purpose of our math enrichment program is to provide a stimulating environment for aspiring students who want to gain a deeper understanding of mathematics. In addition, we also prepare students for the AMC8 and MathCounts competitions, which are nationwide math contests for middle school students. Our program values creativity and originality over drilling and memorization in the mathematical learning process.

Parent volunteers who have previously coached middle school math teams direct the program. The high school students who run the sessions have previously achieved success in math contests. In addition, they also have experience in teaching younger students. The program is open to students in grades 6-8 along with advanced 5th graders.

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