Preschool Program

After a challenging year of the pandemic, we all are eager to return to a normal school setting in the fall. CLSC is following the guidelines of CDC for school reopening. We will also collaborate with UCONN’s protocol for return to campus as soon as any announcement is made regarding in-person learning in the fall. Please see below for an adjusted class length/schedule for online learning and/or in-person learning.

Our Sunday program continues to focus on creating a language-rich environment with fun, interactive activities to engage students to practice Chinese language and increase their proficiency level. Even in the online classrooms our teachers and students continue to flip the traditional classroom into an engaging blended learning environment full of immersive Chinese language experience.

On this platform students leverage their language skills with not only the effective learning tools but the scaffolded support provided by teachers, the classroom interactions, as well as the connection of the peer collaboration. Learning Chinese at CLSC on Sundays opens a new horizon for you to explore. Come and join us! (Register online asap!)

Our preschool program is a language immersion program designed especially for our youngest learners. At CLSC, children discover and experience Chinese through songs, stories, and games! A parent and/or caregiver participates in the Chopstix Toddler (ages 18 months to 3 years) and Chopstix 1 (ages 3-4 years) classes, not only introducing new sounds and culture to your child, but also helping parents continue the learning at home. Chopstix 2 (ages 4-5) class is perfect for our young learners who are becoming more independent and are ready to be exposed to character recognition and pre-writing skills.

Language learning at any age is a rewarding experience. Starting off early offers the widest possible range of benefits and opportunities. See what ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) has to say about early foreign language learning.

Come explore the possibilities of early language learning and click here to view the schedule and register online.

Play & Learn

Age Group: 2 years old
Class Type: Caregiver required
Wks: 14
Sunday: 10:00am-11:00am
Weekday: Please inquire

This is a mommy & me class. Parents are encouraged to learn together with your children. It is designed to introduce Chinese to our youngest students via age appropriate activities, games and songs. Get familiar with the Chinese pronunciation and notice the tonal difference, understand and be able to respond (in action) to class directions, understanding simple phrases and directions.

Chopstix 1

Age Group: 3 years old
Class Type: Caregiver required
Wks: 28
Sunday: 11:15am-12:15pm
Weekday: Please inquire

This class is designed to expose our young students to the Chinese language and culture through words, nursery rhymes, and games. Students will work with themes learned in the previous level and expand their vocabulary. Students will be comfortable with Chinese sounds, say 60-70 Chinese words and answer simple questions. One caregiver is allowed to sit in class with child.

Chopstix 2

Age Group: 4 years old
Class Type: Child Only
Wks: 28
Sunday: 10:00am-12:30pm
Weekday: Please inquire

Chopstix 2 is an extended level for early childhood learners. The primary focus of this level is still listening and speaking. In addition, pinyin and pictogram characters will be introduced to students. Students are expected to ask and answer questions. Students will be able to recognize 20 pictogram characters and say 60-70 Chinese words.

Chopstix 3

Age Group: 5 years old
Class Type: Advance to Explorers 1 after successful completion
Wks: 28
Sunday: 10:00am-12:30pm
Weekday: Please inquire
Students will learn:

1. How to speak basic Chinese sentences and common words that are often used in daily conversation, and how to ask and answer simple questions.
2. The fundamentals of Chinese characters, including basic strokes, stroke orders, radicals, and character structures.
3. Pinyin and pronunciation of the four-tones.
4. How to read simple Chinese characters, stoke order, and how to do finger(sky) writing.

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