Teaching Staff

The CLSC faculty consists of experienced, native-speaking Chinese teachers who are graduates of universities in the U.S. and China. Staff development, conducted by teaching professionals, takes place throughout the school year.

Qing Cui
My name is Qing Cui. I was born and raised in Shanghai, China. I graduated from Shanghai Normal School and continued my education at Shanghai Institute of Education. I worked as a student counselor and a Chinese teacher in Shanghai elementary school for 10 years. Also, I taught Ma Liping Chinese in the Clap for Children Chinese school in Norwalk for 1 year and served as a Chinese teacher in the Chinese school for a long time in the church in Wilton.
Vivien Lai
Lai laoshi is an experienced Mandarin Chinese teacher. She has been teaching Mandarin Chinese at Southern California’s Chinese Language School for over 5 years before she moved to Connecticut in 2021. She has a bachelor’s degree from National Taiwan University, a master’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley, and a Mandarin teaching certificate from TCSOL (Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages). Her teaching pedagogy aims at student-centeredness, inclusivity, and universal design for learning. Her teaching philosophy is that all children are unique in the styles they learn, the ways they express themselves, and the pace they arrive at their goals. The role of a teacher is to guide the students throughout the learning process, provide them with positive reinforcements along the way, and help each student achieve his/her highest potential.
Kelly Fangchun Yeh
Hi, I am Kelly Fangchun Yeh. I have prior experience working at a preschool, and I began teaching Mandarin to students ages 2-18 in 2018. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an Associate degree in Information Management from Kun Shan University, Taiwan. In addition, I have the following certifications: Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of other Languages (TCSOL), and American Council on The Teaching of Foreign Languages- Advanced High Writing and Superior Speaking. Reading suspense novels and watching crime TV shows are my hobbies. My favorite writer is Higashino Keigo東野圭吾.
Yang Yu
Hello, I’m Yang Yu. I am a Chinese teacher with over 30 years of experience. I graduated from Harbin Normal School and Heilongjiang TV university. I also studied at the National Institute of Education in Singapore . I hold a Teacher's Certificate in China . Prior to coming to the United States, I specialized in teaching elementary and middle school students in China and Singapore. In the US, I taught at various institutions including Lincoln Education Center, Kindergarten School, BASIS Elementary school in NY. I also teach online classes.
Mingyue Wang
My name is Mingyue Wang from Shenzhen China, nice to meet everyone. I am a former competitive athlete and graduated from South China Normal University with my bachelor's degree. I also obtained my master's degree at the University of New Haven after I moved here. In my previous career, I achieved plenty of experience working with youth both coaching swimming lessons and tutoring after-school programs.
Ivy Lo
Ms Lo brings a wealth of experience to our school. With a master's degree in education, she is not only a dedicated teacher but also a passionate traveler and cook. Her commitment to learning and teaching serves as a constant source of inspiration for her students, fostering their growth and development.

Furthermore, Ms Lo is a highly experienced Chinese teacher. Her dedication to providing effective language learning experiences knows no bounds. We are privileged to have her guiding our students.
Xiaoyi Lin
I come from a family of teachers in China. I have always wanted to be a teacher and truly enjoy the profession. My approach to education is child-centered and I reach out to each child in an effort to help each find fun and joy in Mandarin learning. I truly enjoy working with students from diverse backgrounds, who have different interests and needs. I have two master's degrees in education. Furthermore, I hold Connecticut teaching certification in Mathematics Education , Grades K-12, as well as Connecticut teaching certifications in Library Media Specialist K-12, World Languages (Chinese) K-12; TESOL K-12; and Elementary Education.
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