Teaching Staff

The CLSC faculty consists of experienced, native-speaking Chinese teachers who are graduates of universities in the U.S. and China. Staff development, conducted by teaching professionals, takes place throughout the school year.

Sisi Guo
Sisi Guo graduated from University of Bridgeport with M.S. in TESOL and Elementary Education. As an intern and student teacher in her graduate teaching program, she taught for one and half years in Bridgeport public schools. She was a Chinese teacher at Huaxia Chinese School of Greater New York and Chinese Language School of Fairfield County for over two years. She believes in creating a positive and engaging learning environment for children to learn Chinese. She consistently guides her students to work together and individually to their personal and academic best.
Xiaoyi Lin
I come from a family of teachers in China. I have always wanted to be a teacher and truly enjoy the profession. My approach to education is child-centered and I reach out to each child in an effort to help each find fun and joy in Mandarin learning. I truly enjoy working with students from diverse backgrounds, who have different interests and needs. I have two master's degrees in education. Furthermore, I hold Connecticut teaching certification in Mathematics Education , Grades K-12, as well as Connecticut teaching certifications in Library Media Specialist K-12, World Languages (Chinese) K-12; TESOL K-12; and Elementary Education.
Fan Yang
Ms. Yang has been teaching Mandarin Chinese since 2014. She was born and raised in China. After graduating from her undergraduate college, she came to the United States to pursue a higher education. Ms. Yang obtained a Master of Science in Education degree from University of Bridgeport, and she is certified as a public school teacher in CT. She is currently working on getting her public-school principal certificate and attends classes four times a week. Ms. Yang has been working in the New Haven Public Schools district as a full time Mandarin Chinese teacher, and she is also working as a tutor for multiple families and programs in the local area. Ms. Yang is a dedicated Martial Artist. She has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a green belt in Tang Soo Do; both are Korean Martial Arts. She also loves reading books and playing piano.
Kelly Fangchun Yeh
Hi, I am Kelly Fangchun Yeh. I have prior experience working at a preschool, and I began teaching Mandarin to students ages 2-18 in 2018. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an Associate degree in Information Management from Kun Shan University, Taiwan. In addition, I have the following certifications: Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of other Languages (TCSOL), and American Council on The Teaching of Foreign Languages- Advanced High Writing and Superior Speaking. Reading suspense novels and watching crime TV shows are my hobbies. My favorite writer is Higashino Keigo東野圭吾.
Hsuan-Hui Wang
My name is Hsuan-Hui Wang. I am proud to be a teacher at CLSC! I am from Taipei, Taiwan. I received a Master's Degree in Secondary Education from Brandeis University and I am certified to teach Mandarin and math to 7th-12th graders in Connecticut.
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