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Policies and Procedures (April 2012)

Chinese Language School of Connecticut
P.O. Box 515, Riverside, CT 06878-0515
(866) 301-4906

Our Policies and Procedures Guidelines have been created to help parents and administrators maintain a safe and positive learning environment for students of the Chinese Language School of Connecticut.  These policies and procedures guidelines are set in accordance with those approved by the Greenwich Board of Education.

We are guests of Eastern Middle School (EMS).  Please help us take care of the school.

Student drop off:

Please use the front entrance of the school as marked, and take your child to the classroom directly.  Enter the classroom ONLY when the teacher is present; otherwise, please wait in the hallway quietly.  Please come to school on time.  It’s disruptive to the class when you come late. 

Student pick up:

For the safety of your child, he/she will remain in the classroom until he/she is pick up by you (his/her parent) or guardian, and please make sure your child understand that he/she should not wander in the hallway or outside of the school.  If special arrangements must be made, please contact the CLSC Administrative Team.

Early pick up:

If your child needs to be picked up before dismissal time, please provide your child with a note to be given to the teacher at the beginning of class, and please pick your child up at his/her classroom at the appointed time. 

Parking: Please park in the parking lot and then walk your child to and from the school.

School Conduct: CLSC has set and will enforce the policies & procedures that will ensure the safety of all students and the protection and respect of students’ personal property and school property.  These policies apply not just in the classroom, but also in the hallways, in the cafeteria, in the auditorium, and on the playground.

1. Students are expected to treat all others with respect and civility at all times.

2. Please ask your child not to disrupt anything in the classrooms that do not belong to them.

3. Students are expected to speak quietly and walk in the hallway. No running or yelling.

4. No food or beverage is allowed at school, except in the Cafeteria.  (Please remember- Nut Free Snacks Only.)

5. Defacement of school property will not be tolerated.  Students may not mark furniture surface in anyway.

6.  Students are expected to follow instructions of teachers, complete school work and home work on time and not be disruptive in class. 

7.  Students are expected to attend class regularly and notify teacher in case of absence.

Students who violate these policies will face consequences of disciplinary actions, such as removal from the classroom or the school.  Students and their parents are responsible for any damage to either CLSC or EMS property and will be billed for any damage or loss of property.  In situations where repeat infractions or serious offenses are committed, parent(s) of the offender(s) will be notified immediately. Suspension of the student(s) may result, after a hearing takes place between the school administrators, the students and their parents.

Serious Offences include the following:

  • Fighting or deliberately hurting another child or staff member
  • Using obscene/profane language or gestures
  • Harassing and/ or bullying behaviors
  • Stealing or willfully destroying school or other person’s property.
  • Disrespect of a staff member or challenging a staff members’ authority.
  • Any possession of a dangerous weapon, drugs, alcohol, smoking, or drug-related materials.

Student Illness & sick days:

In the event that your child is running a fever, or is sneezing or coughing, please refrain from bringing him or her to school until the symptoms have stopped, and the child's temperature has returned to normal for at least 24 hours. Please contact your child's teacher by phone or via e-mail to let him/her know that your child will be absent.

Snow days:

In the case of inclement weather resulting in school closure, we will send out an email to our Parents List. We will also leave a message on the CLSC's voicemail (866-301-4906) by 9AM informing callers that the school is closed.

Emergency Contact information: Please submit the most recent emergency/contact information for each student. 

Comments:  We welcome every parent's feedback on the Chinese Language School of Connecticut!  Please feel free to call your child’s teacher, email CLSC administrators at, any of our Board members (contact information available at our school website), or email us at

CLSC Emergency Phone Number: If for any reason you are away from the building and must contact the school personnel during class hours, please email us first at, then leave a message at 866-301-4906.

The Chinese Language School of Connecticut is accredited by AdvancED.

School of Connecticut (CLSC) is a not-for-profit 501 (C) (3) tax exempt organization


The Chinese Language School of Connecticut is accredited by AdvancED.

The Chinese Language School of Connecticut (CLSC) is a not-for-profit 501 (C) (3) tax exempt organization

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