Learning Pods

Chinese Learning Pods is designed for 1 up to 4 students who have a similar age and learning experience. It is always fun to form your own learning pod with the friends or just yourself with the location you prefer, i.e. your home or your friend’s home. Based on the students' learning styles, our teachers create fun and interactive activities to engage students to practice Chinese language and experience Chinese culture with a language immersion environment.

There are eight weeks of each resumable phase. Each week involves one or two or maximum three after-school classes. Students decide the frequency of each week’s class. After each phase students will decide to resume for different learning content. The class length for age group 3 to 5 is 45 minutes while it is one hour for 6-year-olds and above. Our teachers are flexible to accommodate students' learning time. 

Tuition: $80 per hour for one-student learning pod; $45 per hour per student for two-student learning pod;  $40 per hour per student for three-student learning pod; $35 per hour per student for four-student learning pod.

Come and join us! You will experience learning Chinese through a new view waiting for you to explore!  (Register online asap as spots are limited!)

Last modified: Saturday, September 11, 2021, 10:27 AM